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When: Wednesday, 12 November 2014, 09:30-12:00

Where: 22-24 Amalias Ave., Athens [Office Facilities Building of Hellenic Parliament]

How to reach the venue: Google map or print directions


Workshop Scope

The "Policy Formulation and Validation via NOMAD" workshop is organised in the context of ΝΟΜΑD, an ICT project for Governance and Policy Modeling co-funded by the EC under FP7. During the last three years of its implementation, we have developed an innovative toolset for decision-makers –by employing techniques on data and opinion mining–that will enable them to understand citizens’ opinion, arguments and needs as expressed in Web 2.0, and help them shape their policy-making agenda. NOMAD vision is to "change the way policies are designed, decided and enforced".


The workshop aims to present the NOMAD approach on formulation and validation of policy making through crowd sourcing, and to assess its usefulness for decision makers and its potential adoption from multiple types of organisations. Results from the pilot applications developed during the course of the project, pertaining to healthcare, energy and open data, will lay the foundations for deliberation among representatives of entrepreneurial groups, public entities, and NGO members.




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