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The EC FP7 NOMAD project was presented with great success at the “Policy Formulation and Validation via NOMAD” workshop, which took place on November 12th, 2014 in Athens, Greece. The audience consisted of 30 policy makers, journalists, members of NGOs and public entities. The aim of the workshop was to present and assess NOMAD as an innovative and value-adding ICT platform for the inclusion of public opinion in the formulation of policy making, thus enhancing open and co-operative governance.

The workshop was organized in the context of the 2nd round of the UK Pilot. During the workshop, CP was able to showcase the results from EAACI’s authored models on allergy and immunotherapy issues and hence the added-value of a platform like NOMAD, when it is being used by policy makers in health domain. Finally, CP had the chance to invite the stakeholders to participate and get involved in the NOMAD project, by creating their own models, through the 3rd round of UK Pilot, which will run until the end of the year.

The workshop began with an introduction to NOMAD’s value proposition and a short description of NOMAD’s pilots by Dr. Costas Koutras, NOMAD Coordinator. He also referred to three smaller pilots conducted recently concerning the EU elections, the construction of a waste management unit in Peloponnese and alternative tourism. These pilots, according to Dr. Koutras, highlighted the capability of NOMAD to discover aspects of a policy not even considered by the policy maker.

Barbara Kapourani of Critical Publics presented the basic principles of NOMAD and the benefits deriving from its use, as well as the workshop’s objectives and expected outcome. Results from pilots across different operational domains were also presented by providing screenshots, with a special focus on the immunology sector, where the complete EAACI’s authored models and associated results have been presented. Emphasis was placed on the simplicity of the visualization tool and on how it facilitates the decision making process.

Aggeliki Androutsopoulou of the University of Aegean demonstrated the NOMAD platform, showcasing the tool’s functionalities and providing tips for more efficient utilization of the platform. An open discussion followed the demonstration, focusing mainly on the reliability of sources, the crawling and sentiment insights, the usability of the tools and the exploitation of the NOMAD platform. Additional directions on the aforementioned issues were given thoroughly by members of NCSR Demokritos, responsible for the internal processes of NOMAD.

From the questionnaire answered by the audience and the discussion this activity involved, it was documented that there is a need for a complete and successful application of NOMAD on an existing problem, so that it can prove its potential and become more widely known.


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