Our Pilot Cases

Greek Pilot (Hellenic Parliament) - Energy Planning

Today, new advanced energy technologies and perpetual environmental issues are factors shaping the institutional and legislative framework of the Greek energy market. Under the greater context of the Greek debt crisis and the target set by the EC to achieve a 20 % share of energy from renewable sources in 2020, it is a priority to manage energy resources in a manner which secures a smooth, reliable and affordable supply of the nation’s energy needs.

Through the use of NOMAD the HeP is aiming to identify the “sentiment” of the active citizens and the arguments involved in the rationale of the objectives set by the Greek authorities and to assess the impact the NEP with special emphasis on the use of wind energy in Greece. Having in their hands the results of the pilot through NOMAD platform visualisations, they will be able to update previous provisions and create an attractive environment for strengthening the investment in renewable energy sources.

English Pilot (Critical Publics) - Immunotherapy and allergic diseases

As the use of the internet is growing rapidly, it becomes the key resource for people to get health related information and consultation. However, due to the internets’ unregulated nature, it is full of misleading or even dangerous tips circulating from pages, blogs etc. This, apart from the dangers to the life of individuals it also threatens to disrupt professional establishments such as the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI).

Through the use of NOMAD EAACI and Critical Publics (CP) are aiming to redefine the crucial role of the allergy expert in information provision, as well as to make the experts in the allergy field part of the health services evolution, by creating solid communication lines with public opinion makers, policy makers, and, on top of all, patients. Specifically, allergic diseases impacts, causes, symptoms, prevention and immunotherapy declaration are the base themes to be deployed on the UK pilot.”

German Pilot (Austrian Parliament) - Open Data

The Open Government Data (OGD) movement has become an influential factor in public discourse and government data policies in the Western democratic political systems and requires Substantial transparency and Procedural transparency. Furthermore, it has initiated a public debate on open government in Austria and already prompted government agencies at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels to more proactively publish available data.

Nonetheless, the legal basis for doing so is still incoherent and dissatisfying as there is still missing a legal basis forcing government bodies to proactively publish their data. Through the use of NOMAD the Austrian Parliamentary Administration will run a public debate on what might be called a freedom of information and open government data policies in order to obtain a clearer picture of the positions of major interest groups towards the OGD movement.

Evaluation questionnaires for the pilot workshops of the Nomad Platform

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