This page contains a list of the NOMAD public Deliverables.

Public Deliverables

Deliverable D2.1Classification of Web 2.0 Social Media and Stakeholder CharacteristicsDownload
Deliverable D2.3Standards, Software Interface Modules and APIs for inter-platform communication in Web 2.0 Social MediaDownload
Deliverable D3.2Policy Argumentation Data modelDownload
Deliverable D3.3.2Argumentation Modelling Environment v2Download
Deliverable D6.2First Integrated Prototype v1.0Download
Deliverable D6.3Final Integrated Prototype v1.0Download
Deliverable D7.3Description of the Nomad Evaluation Methodology v1.1Download
Deliverable D8.2Project website, blog and twitter channelsDownload
Deliverable D8.3.1Dissemination Report Material v1.0Download
Deliverable D8.3.2Dissemination Report Material Final VersionDownload

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