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Collaboration now as valuable as creativity

More convincing evidence of this perma-trend came this year from the 4As (American Association of Advertising Agencies), who replaced their long-standing awards competition for creativity with a new competition based on agencies’ ability to partner with other agencies: The Partner Awards. Needless to say, buy twitter followers guatemala there is no single winner in the Partner Awards, but at least four or more. This new reality is a difficult adjustment in an industry that is as much art as commerce. Collaboration is now prized as highly as creativity.

Social Media Contests

The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Contests

It’s sometimes tricky, with social marketing, to separate your efforts from the “noise” of every other piece of content, news, and nonsense out there on the web. It is a challenge to establish and build meaningful relationships with your followers, with so much competing for their attention.Contests are a great way to increase excitement and exposure of your company and brand socially while allowing buy brazil twitter followers you to crowdsource loads of content. If you plan on running a social media contest, use this timeline to successfully plan and execute the ultimate contest.

Set rules to encourage social interaction

The team ran the contest through Facebook and Twitter. To enter the contest, a person had to comment on a thread announcing a giveaway in Facebook,buy twitter followers brazil or re-tweet a message announcing a giveaway on Twitter. After an announcement, the team accepted entries for a very limited time, such as 30 or 45 minutes. They gathered the entries and used a random number generator to select winners. "Usually for contest like these, you take a week to get entries, but we wanted to make this fast-paced, especially because Twitter has such immediacy," Wohlfeill says.

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