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Boomers and millennials will continue to heavily influence retail.

Most boomers will be in their 60s and 70s next year, and retailers that cater to these consumers would need to adjust to make shopping easier for them. As consulting firm PwC noted, “the Baby Boomer generation will age with increased financial resources and with a greater emphasis on youth and vitality than previous generations. As a result, they not only will tax manufacturers to adapt products to their specific post-retirement needs, but also will require retailers to respond buy 1 million instagram likes to their evolving needs as they approach the age of 70 in 2015.” On the flip side, Gen Y—a young but equally large—market segment will also be a major influence in retail. Merchants who want to reach millennials will need to invest in mobile, as they are the largest group of smartphone owners (and adoption is still growing). Speed is also an essential factor when it comes to reaching the Gen Y market. As a generation that grew up in an age where almost anything is just a click away, millennials have a tendency to be impatient. Retailers who want to engage them must invest in more robust order fulfillment systems and fast (but excellent) customer service.

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Stores with omnichannel strategies will continue to thrive

Omnichannel retailing has begun to pay off for a lot of companies. Consider Macy’s, which just started marketing its mobile and online-to-offline services more aggressively after the success of its initial omnichannel tests. According to MediaPost, the retailer has found that click-and-collect not only serves as a convenient option for customers, buy instagram likes but it also increases spending. Macy’s told the publication: We love this kind of sale, because [the customer has] already made her decision, she knows where to go in the store, and when she gets there, she almost always buys something else — spending about 125% of her intended order. In addition to click-and-collect, Macy’s will continue to invest in omnichannel through more robust order fulfillment strategies (all Macy’s locations can now ship directly to someone’s home) and better mobile experiences (customers can now manage their points and offers via mobile.)

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Try matching the character of your business to the characteristics of the social media. Each social platform caters to a certain audience. So when you find the site that reflects your business buy instagram likes canada and its members resemble your customers, you’ll be reaching your target audience. A cutting-edge business that’s always on top of the trends would do well on real-time Twitter, while an accomplished, professional firm would fit perfectly on LinkedIn.

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