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Focus on your brand, not your vendors

All the solution providers interviewed for this story said that the channel should take better advantage of the marketing resources provided by technology vendor partners. But they also said a vendor’s brand should never become more important than your own. “Part of our strategy is to make sure we reach into our key partners at a corporate level,” said Forsythe’s Bindon. “We learn a lot from them, but they also learn a lot from us. We often get together buy twitter followers for 5 a couple of times a year for corporate marketing-to-marketing briefings. We are stronger together.” But none of the solution providers relied solely on vendor marketing development funds. Forsythe, for example, publishes an internal magazine three times a year that explores technology business issues. That content is closely tied to a new website and social media platform that calls upon Forsythe experts to share their expertise. The company distributes approximately 5,000 copies of the magazine.

sincere on social media

Make every employee a brand ambassador

Even if your organization decides to create a separate marketing team, your company should not overlook the fact that every employee markets your company’s brand in some way through every customer or industry interaction. Iron Bow Technologies keyed in on this philosophy when it rebranded its corporate identity two years ago. It focused its marketing agenda internally on ensuring executive buy-in at the highest levels of the company and on making sure that all employees are buy followers twitter acquainted with Iron Bow’s strategic roadmap. “Marketing is at its best when employees are proud of the company they work for and want to talk about it,” Zeffert said.

Be sincere on social media

Social media can be an effective part of your channel marketing strategy, but every solution provider uses it differently. Atrion, for example, only updates its Twitter account with its most strategic customers in mind, which keeps them from being barraged with too much information. Forsythe and Iron Bow are positioning various members of their technical teams as expert sources on hot technology issues. “When I have an opportunity to impress a new client, I use it because, frankly, it helps differentiate our company at this point,” said Anton Ruighaver, president and chief operations officer for Techlinq. If resources are a real issue, the best approach may be to limit social media, because it requires frequency, transparency and sincerity to be truly effective, solution providers said. “Right now, this is on the back burner, mostly due to lack of human resources,” said buy targeted twitter followers â€™s Dadian. “I am reluctant to hire somebody to tweet on my company’s behalf. It is something we have never done before, and I cannot be sure it will be done properly. If something is not done right, I do not want to place my company’s reputation in the wrong hands and put it at risk. Plus, it feels fake.”

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