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Amanda Bynes Resurfaces on Twitter With a Selfie—See the Pic! buy twitter Amanda Bynes comes and goes as she pleases on Twitter, but recently she has been debuting fresh hairstyles on the social media platform. buy fake twitter followers On Tuesday, however, she took an up-close-and-personal selfie, showing off one eye with minimal makeup and her brunette locks, which we have to say look really good!There wasn't any caption to go along with her photo.Her last tweet posted on Christmas Day when she snapped another selfie and wished her followers a Merry Christmas while showing off a makeup-free face. The 28-year-old She's the Man star has been all about change as of late, even documenting a dye job on social media."I dyed my hair violet :D I'm not sure if I like it , and this is a blurry pic but here it is!"The violet style didn't last, and it seems like she's keeping her hair a more natural color in the New least for now! While she has been changing up her look, she also has been changing up her education. Formerly enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising's Orange County campus, the actress started to look into transferring to the University of Southern California. She was on a tour, came in and she was just looking around the cafeteria. She was on a cart tour. She was dressed super casually, but she had her big sunglasses on," the source said. "She was with just a tour guide and an assistant-type of person. I could tell she was really low key about it all.It was hard to tell if she was happy/excited to be there because of the sunglasses, she was covering the side of her face at a point but nothing too dramatic. It makes me sad that this happened because she was honestly trying," one said.

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Is Amanda Bynes Defending Herself on a "Secret" Twitter Account?

Amanda Bynes' notorious Twitter account has been silent for months, but she appears to be back on Twitter under the guise of a "fashion designer" named Ashley Barks, a.k.a. PersianLa27. twitter buy followers Bynes denied having a secret account in March, after InTouch outed her as PersianLa, but "Ashley" has continued tweeting in the voice of Amanda Bynes since then. PersianLa27 is extremely similar to Bynes' previous Twitter persona, frequently posting Aries horoscopes and referring to people she dislikes as "ugly." Ashley has never asked Drake to murder her vagina, but she did once offer to let Rob Kardashian motorboat her if he lost weight.But if Ashley isn't Amanda Bynes, she's at least an obsessed impostor with an "Amanda Bynes" Google alert. And she really hates Michelle Trachtenberg for "stealing" rapper Kid Cudi from Amanda.All of this became a lot more relevant this week, when TMZ heard from Bynes' classmates that the former actress was allegedly kicked out of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for poor attendance, cheating on a test, and paying other students to do her homework.Bynes' friend and hairstylist told People yesterday that Bynes stopped going to class because she didn't want to leave the house after having some work done on her skin. "She had all plans to finish school, but she had a few procedures done and didn't want to be in public at FIDM," said Lindsey White. "She hated going to school. Amanda Bynes looks happy and healthy in a Twitter snap of her rocking a new hairstyle.The former child star has resurfaced on social media after fans feared for her well-being and she looks as though she's back to her best.

Amanda Bynes returns to Twitter after a near three-month hiatus to share self portrait

Her Twitter rants and ramblings were cause for much concern last year during her very public battle with mental illness. buy twitter accounts with followers And just one month after reports that she's doing much better, 28-year-old Amanda Bynes was back on the micro-blogging site with her first post since January 13.On Monday the actress shared what appears to be a hand-sketched self portrait which she captioned: 'Hey my loves! Here's a drawing I did! ily' with an added smiley face.Her troubling behavior and erratic outbursts had many worrying about her well-being towards the end of 2014 but now appears to be on the mend.'Amanda is doing much better from where she was months ago. She has her own apartment and is much happier,' a source told People in February. They also revealed that Amanda is now living away from her mother Lynn and father Rick - who she reportedly threatened to kill back in November. She and her parents are getting along and Amanda is clear-headed, more focused and has more independence,' the insider explained to the publication.It was also revealed that a court judge extended the former Nickelodeon child star's conservatorship last month, expanding it until the next court hearing scheduled on June 23.Her parents currently have the decision-making authority over her finances and medical needs since filing court documents in July 2013 due to apparent signs of schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.In court papers, mother Lynn cited Amanda's bizarre behavior 'as a substantial risk to herself, to others and to property.' She posed next to fashion designer Michael Costello wearing a black ensemble and he looked pretty pleased to be with her as he beamed in a polka dot black-and-white bow tie and white shirt.

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